About Me

My name is Tricell Brown-Street and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I studied massage therapy at Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Germantown, WI. I  pursued a career in massage therapy after enjoying 26+ years as a Human Resources practitioner. The way I now collaborate with others truly reflects my best "me!"

I use a variety of modalities including: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage. I have found a natural partiality in partnering with clients seeking massage to alleviate stress. Although pressure levels are personal preferences, I especially excel at finding ways to blend in relaxation even when accessing deeper muscle tissue.

My favorite home tip for clients in between their scheduled massage sessions is: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch - And if done in a moisture heated workout studio (i.e., Hot Yoga), you will be amazed at your increased range of motion.


No stranger to excelling at customer service, I am former Flight Attendant for Midwest Airlines!

I am dedicated to creating an enchanting massage experience and my enthusiasm for wellness makes me keenly aware of just how renewing a good massage experience can be.

I love what I do and await YOU for your next massage session!!