Massage Party

“What! On-Location Massage for only $10 more!” 

That’s right! You provide the location, the food/drinks and the Girl Friends (or family), and I’ll provide the rest!


  • Same Massage Service Menu options and pricing (plus a $10/per event Travel Fee). For example:
    • 30 min Therapeutic Massage, $50 (3 massage minimum)
    • 60 min Therapeutic Massage, $75 (no minimum)
    • 60 min Hot Stone Massage, $95 (no minimum)
  • All massage equipment, i. e. Room divider (if needed), table, sheets, lotion, aromatherapy, candles, music...
  • Myself as your highly skilled, licensed and insured Massage Therapist 

Sit back, relax and let the pampering begin!

Book your event today by sending me an email regarding your preferred date.  I’m looking forward to creatively collaborating with you!